From an intrinsic love of Wood, we create the finest Furniture

The Oak Heart mobile saw milling service is available to clients in and around East Sussex. We work with many local farmers, landowners and private householders, to unlock value and maximise sustainability from chopped-down wood.

Our Wood Mizer LT 20 Hydraulic Plus Chainsaw is capable of milling through wood from 24 inches up to 6 feet wide - so we have the ability to mill just about every size of tree – even those that may be challenging to access.

From this, the milled lumber can be stored on site, or moved to my warehouse for drying, from where the timber can be prepared, cut into planks, beams, posts and table tops – to create sturdy, stylish and functional furniture, frames, sculptures and even folk art.

If you require a mobile milling service, please call. I’m confident we can assist.

To discuss your project, contact us.